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Form 1099-A is used to report acquisition or abandonment of secured property. See the official IRS instructions.

Who Needs to File?

File Form 1099-A, Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property, for each borrower if you lend money in connection with your trade or business and, in full or partial satisfaction of the debt, you acquire an interest in property that is security for the debt, or you have reason to know that the property has been abandoned. You need not be in the business of lending money to be subject to this reporting requirement.

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What to Report?

Information about the acquisition or abandonment of property that is security for a debt for which you are the lender. Report amounts of $600 or more.

Why File?

The IRS requires that all income and deductible expenses are reported by businesses and individuals or penalties could apply.

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We've made it easy to file your 1099 forms. Simply create a Yearli account, enter or import your data, review your data and checkout. It's that easy. Yearli will file your forms to the IRS, applicable state agency and send copies to your recipients.


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