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You have the obligation to file an RL-1 slip (see courtesy translation RL-1-T) to report any amounts that you paid to an employee or a beneficiary, and to provide the information requested.

You must file the RL-1 slip to report:

  • the salary or wages and any other remuneration paid to an employee (including remuneration paid to an employee who is your spouse, or the spouse of a shareholder or of a member of a partnership);
  • income other than a salary or wages (see RL-1 Slip – Box O);
  • the commissions paid to a self-employed person (see Box O – Commissions Paid to a Self-Employed Person (Code: RM));
  • fees or other amounts paid to a self-employed person, if Québec income tax was withheld from such amounts (see Box O – Fees for Services Rendered (Code: RD));
  • amounts deducted at source from the above-mentioned types of remuneration; and
  • any additional information.

You must report the salary or wages (or remuneration) on the RL-1 slip issued for the year in which the amount is paid to the individual.

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