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Greatland is a specialist when it comes to helping organizations with W-2 corrections. Whether you need to correct one W-2 or more than 10,000, Greatland has a solution for your business that includes e-file and print and mail services.

Complete W-2c Filing Solution

All of Greatland's W-2c filings solutions are designed as a complete filing solution. Whether you originally filed W-2 forms with us or not, we provide you with the ability to file your corrections to the SSA, applicable state agency and send copies to your recipients.


File W-2c directly to the SSA


Report to state agencies


Mail corrected form to recipient

The Basics About Form W-2c

What is a W-2c?
Form W-2c corrects errors on previously filed W-2 and W-2c forms. A W-2c correction form must be provided to the employee and a copy mailed or e-filed to the SSA (Social Security Administration).

Why do I file W-2c?
The IRS requires that all income and withholdings be reported accurately for tax purposes. Failure to do so could result in penalties.

Who needs to file W-2c?
Employers who need to make corrections to a previously filed W-2 or W-2c form must submit Form W-2c with the accurate information. Do not file a W-2c form to correct only the address. W-2c should not be used for corrections to the W-2G form.

More Information
See official IRS instructions

ADP W-2c Integration

Greatland offers a proven W-2c solution for organizations using ADP Tax Services. In cooperation with ADP, this solution includes bi-directional interfaces. ADP Tax Service supplies the original W-2 data for loading into Printview Plus. W-2c’s are created in Printview Plus and can be exported to both ADP Tax Services for employer amendment filing and to iPAY for employee self-service retrieval.

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Speak to a W-2c Filing Expert

Need more information about filing W-2c forms? Submit your email address to get a free consultation from a W-2c filing expert. One of our experts will contact you within 24 hours.

Large-Volume W-2c Solutions

Large volumes of W-2c forms typically need to be distributed to employees immediately and require amended filing and archiving. Greatland offers multiple options for processing W-2c forms, individually or in batches, to meet these requirements.

Through Greatland’s service, forms can be printed and mailed directly to employees, or drop shipped to the employer for distribution. Forms can also be password protected and encrypted PDF files or posted online and available for employee and management user retrieval.

Need to file more than 5,000 forms? Learn more about solutions we offer for Large Filers.

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David US Weiss | August 15, 2022
Quick, dependable and intuitive
Michelle B McKinney | August 8, 2022
Easy way for a small business to file it's payroll tax reports.
Armen Avedian | August 8, 2022
Easy process, reasonable price
Stephen Rosen | August 6, 2022
user friendly, perfect tool
Dennis Yoder | August 2, 2022
Site is extremely easy to use, makes filing the standard quarterly tax returns a breeze!
ROGER JOHLE | August 1, 2022
CUMBERSOME - timed out in process of submitting form
Bevi Chagnon | August 1, 2022
Your online system did not work correctly. Numerous problems. — wouldn't let me supply a new credit card. session timed out. had to resubmit. — wouldn't let me list the tax payments for the quarter, so the form says we still owe tax. Form field wouldn't change from "0.00 tax payments". This is going to trigger problems with IRS, probably penalties and interest. Why in the world would you do this to your customers? — It created duplicate forms. I never started over, just went back to page 1 to correct an error. And some of the data I had entered disappeared. (And yes, i had clicked save.) What a horrible experience.
'Donald' 'Wise' | July 31, 2022
first time user and it was very difficult
'Joan' 'Merlo' | July 30, 2022
site was hard to follow
Theresa A Collins | July 29, 2022
would highly recommend
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