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Greatland offers a proven W-2c solution for organizations using ADP Tax Services. In cooperation with ADP, this solution includes bi-directional interfaces. ADP Tax Service supplies the original W-2 data for loading into Printview Plus. W-2c’s are created in Printview Plus and can be exported to both ADP Tax Services for employer amendment filing and to iPAY for employee self-service retrieval. Employee W-2c forms can be printed and mailed or emailed from Printview Plus.

ADP Tax Service client options for W-2c creation:

  • ADP Tax Service clients have the ability to create their W-2c's directly Printview Plus, export an interface file of W-2c data and transmit it back to ADP's Tax Amendment Input processing system for employer amended filing.
  • ADP Tax Service clients can choose to make adjustments to their payroll system and send an updated 4th quarter liability file to ADP Tax. As a one-time event each year, Greatland can accept an updated W-2 file from ADP Tax Services, compare the original W-2 file to the corrected W-2 file and dynamically create the W-2c's in Printview Plus. From there Greatland can print and mail the employee W-2c copies or send a copy of the forms on an archive CD in PDF format.

With either option, ADP clients can choose to utilize the W-2c iPay Interface Module and generate a W-2c file that can be transmitted to ADP for posting to the iPay employee self-service portal.