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Printview Plus

Printview Plus is a comprehensive tax form processing solution designed to help organizations efficiently manage critical year-end printing, reporting and filing tasks for recipient and employer forms.

Year-End Client Server System

With support for domestic W-2, W-2c, 1095-C, W-2PR, W-2cPR, W-2VI, W-2GU, 1099, 1098 and 1042-S forms as well as Canadian T4, T4A and RL-1 slips, Printview Plus offers complete in-house control over year-end data within a cost effective desktop application. Streamline your workflow by eliminating the time consuming manual processes typically associated with high volume form distribution and filing.

Recipient forms can be printed individually, in batches or emailed as password protected PDF files. Batch printing can be performed by printing forms directly to a Laser-jet compatible printer or forms can be output as PDFs for remote printing at a later time. Employer filing capabilities include Federal and State e-file creation and State/Local employer paper forms.

Supports forms/slips:


Feature Rich

  • Compatible with any payroll, accounts payable or external system - tax data can be imported using batch processing or entered manually.
  • Comprehensive recipient year-end form printing solution.
  • Supports Federal EFW2, EFW2c and IRS/FIRE electronic filing specifications, AIR 1095-C e-filing as well as CRA and RQ XML formats.
  • Supports electronic filing to all states adhering to Standard Federal specifications (including support for the Combined Filing program).
  • Supports 1099-MISC and 1099-R direct state filing by creating IRS-formatted files for direct submission to state jurisdictions.
  • Simplifies ACA amendment processing by enabling users to import XML error messages returned by the IRS for updating 1095-C forms.
  • Generates paper copies and PDFs for State and Local agency forms.
  • Includes SSA SSN verification e-Services.
  • Supports Canadian and Puerto Rico form processing/filing.
  • Supports Puerto Rico requirement to print a Filing Confirmation Number on recipient copies of forms W-2PR and W-2cPR.
  • Outputs hard copy forms on demand to plain or pre-printed paper using any compatible Laser-jet printer.
  • Easily prints recipient tax forms to a PDF format for password-protected archival or remote printing at a later time.
  • Supports SSN/TIN masking for the 1099-MISC, 1099-R and 1042-S recipient form copies on both PDF and hardcopy prints.
  • Available in single or multi-user versions.
  • Provides extensive reporting and data export capabilities.

Secure and auditable:

  • User security rights are defined through the application with Update, Inquiry Only, unique Reissue Only or Service Center user profiles.
  • Users can be granted or denied the ability to choose between editing and/or correcting forms.
  • Users can be granted or denied the ability to delete forms.
  • Enables security at a client-defined organization level allowing users access rights only to specified segments of the company.
  • Provides an audit trail storing data on who, when and what actions have been taken on forms.
  • Detailed historical auditing reports are available to monitor and track hard copy printouts, PDF output and electronic register exports of sensitive system data by user.

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Please Note: This request is for companies looking for a year-end filing solution. If you are an individual looking for a year-end tax document please contact the issuing party directly.