IRS Requires E-Filing: IRS regulations have lowered the e-file threshold from 250 forms to 10 forms for calendar year 2023 (filed in 2024). Read More >

Yearli Desktop vs. Yearli Premier Comparison

Yearli Desktop

Yearli Premier

Federal E-Filexx
Direct State Filingxx
Recipient Print & Mailxx
Recipient Online Retrievalxx
W-2 Formsxx
1099-MISC Formsxx
Chat Supportxx
Email Supportxx
Phone Supportxx
Team Managementx
Cloud-based Infrastructurex
À la carte Filingxx
TIN MatchingUnlimitedUnlimited
Additional 1099 FormsXx
1095 (ACA) FormsXx
Advanced Reportingx
Local Form Printingx
Desktop vs Premier